About Flavorfox

Intelligent flavor pairing

We match different flavors to create unique and interesting food pairings. With our platform, you can find perfect flavor pairings, and recipes to match, for your favorite foods and tickle your taste buds. Let's start exploring flavors together!

What makes Flavorfox special?

Based on real recipes

We've analyzed thousands of recipes to find the real-world flavor pairings that have been proven to work.

Intelligent matching

We have found the best flavor matches for you through analysis of a wide range of recipes.

Exciting combinations

Looking for exciting new flavor combinations? We show you regular combinations, unusual, and everything in between.

Categories and themes

We categorize flavors by categories and themes, so you can select flavors based on color, occasion, type, and more.

Multiple cuisines

You can search both the sweet and savory kitchen, as well as cocktails.

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